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Almost all projects that block Captcha Tool so we will develop a completely new tool to be able to work again is. My clients please wait me build tool, it will comming soon. Thanks!
Dear Client, please download update software VinaCaptcha Professional 1.3.9
(Updated at 07 November, 2014).
Thanks so much!
Vinacaptcha welcome you to amazing new generation captcha entry software zone. We are professional Captcha Software development team and provide all in one Single user software for every captcha entry individuals with very low cost monthly renewal activation key. We offer free version to test our software. You can experience with our software by so many new innovation features. Our goal is to provide 100% error free, flexible software to all workers. Already more than 1 million workers using our software all over the world including India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Egypt, UAE, USA, Australia etc..

Features and Compare Versions

VinaCaptcha Free Professional
» Logo
» Support Multiple Server: You can work on multiple server captcha at same time
» Support Multiple ID: You can add, edit, delete & work on multiple ID captcha at same time, add unlimited ID to software.
» Support Live Upgrade & Changes: You can check updated versions & changes automatically or manually at any time live.
» Support Working Frame: You can increase Captcha Speed & work 24 Hours by enable 'Working Frames' for some server captcha.
» Balancing loading captcha automatically: You can enable 'Auto Adjust Captcha Working' options to software auto balancing loading captcha.
» Support Auto Enter You can enable this option to software auto press Enter when timeout seconds left 1s(can setup). Help you don't miss a captcha.
» Support Auto Skip You can enable this option to software auto press Esc when timeout seconds left 1s(can setup). And software do skip by rule for each, help you don't miss a captcha.
» Support Auto Pause: You can enable this option to software auto pause account when have total skip = 10 times(can setup). Paused to you handle by hand, help you limit kick out or banned account.
» Support Auto Focus: You can enable this option to software auto focus to input text box when have captcha come in.
» Support Auto Text: You can enable this option to software auto type a repeating captcha.
» Support Auto Off CapsLock: No need to off Caps Lock key after its On by you. Software automatically off Caps Lock once it finished.
» Support Auto Flash Timeout: Auto on/off border color captcha panel when timeout seconds left = 5s.
» Support Auto Fix Option: This option can automatically fix warning from Captcha Server to a particular ID and enable work automatically.
» Support Auto Detect Case Sensitive Option: This option can automatically dectect captcha for case sensitive, UPPERCASE, 2 Words lowercase, Doctor Captcha, Number only, etc.
» Support Auto Cheat Option: This option can automatically fill random captcha text when timeout seconds left = x (seconds). You can cheat some server with many option as output text or number, output 1 word or 2 words, up case or low case, length of word and limit captcha submit. Auto synchronize fill captcha text when captcha come in. You can do other job when use this option, because it don't take your cursor.
» Support Sound Notify Option: This option will play sound when captcha come in, will help you know how many captcha come in. You can on/off this option.
» Support Request Payout option: This option redirect your payment option link directly on servers. You can set minimum payment range manually.
» Support Server Account Information: You can review Username, Password, FrameWorking, Status, Submit, Skip, Correct Entries, Wrong Entries, Timeout Entries, Balance Earnings, Rate, Payment, Timeout limit.
» Support Current Payment Rate Option: You can view and update current payment rate for each IDs of all Working Servers.
» Support Current Statistics Option: You can view your typed current Captcha Statistics by enabled Staistics option.
» Customize Worker Panel Mode & Border color: You can choose panel mode as readymade modes (Horizontal, Single, Full, Panel 1 & 2) & customize your theme for own. You can also choose Captcha Panel Colors.
» Support Cookies Restore & Proxy test: Software store cookies and resume work after 15p without login again. You can test Proxy by IP Address and Port.
» Support Secure Account Management: Software support High Security Account Management with private encrypt password. So other people can't read it anyway.
» Support User Friendly Layout option: Software is small, user friendly layout, resize able, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Extract zip, gzip format for update purpose.
» Support Entry Rule for each Server: You can read some entry rule before working with this Server, it will help you understand this captcha entry and you will work fast better.
» My support: I always try to make my soft is the best, if you have trouble please contact me, I will remote by Teamviewer to check to resolve for you.
» Download: To Activate fine please make sure your PC's date time is correct. And, set your software Antivirus allow software VinaCaptcha send email activate. Download Download

How to use VinaCaptcha?

How to use the VinaCaptcha?

How to use the Auto Cheat?

The best way to Login and Start Work in VinaCaptcha

1) Open VinaCaptcha.
2) Checked to a account and wait it show LoginOK.
3) Repeat step 2 until enough accounts to working.
4) Click Start button to work.


Plan Month(s) Windows OS VinaCaptcha Free VinaCaptcha Professional
1 1 Unlimited Free $1
2 6 Unlimited Free $5
3 12 Unlimited Free $10
4 Unlimited Unlimited Free $20
Don't accept one serial key online on 2 PC at the same time.

How to purchase serial key?

Step 1 :: <= Please select a Plan.

Step 2 :: <= Please select a payment type.

Step 3 :: <= How many Serial Key you want to purchase?

Step 4 :: <= Enter your email, all information will send to this email?

Step 5 ::

System requirement

» OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 32bit, Windows 7 32bit, Windows 8 32bit (recommend Windows 7 32bit)
» CPU: Pentium III 1.5Ghz (recommend Pentium IV 3.0Ghz)
» RAM: 512Mb (recommend 2Gb)
» HDD: 10Gb (recommend 80Gb)
» Note: Don't support Windows 64bit
» Framework: .NET framework 4.0 Full
You can download and install .NET framework below

Download .NET Framework and Component

.NET Framework 4.0 Full (48.1Mb)
Please install Framework.NET 4.0 to run the VinaCaptcha.exe
Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable (2.5Mb)
Upgrade your .NET Installer
Windows Imaging Component (1.2Mb)
Upgrade to process image good better
Microsoft Fixit (963Kb)
Fix some issue of .NET library

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